Detector Materials

Vital Materials offers crystal products in several forms for many detector applications used in industrial and research applications.

Semiconductor detectors are represented by ultra-pure (13N) germanium and cadmium zinc tellurium, while the scintillating crystals are represented by bismuth germanate and yttrium lutetium silicate. Scintillating Crystals such as LYSO and BGO are materials that exhibit scintillation, the property of luminescence, when excited by ionizing radiation. These materials have important applications in high energy physics, life sciences, space exploration, security, mineral exploration and other fields.

All detector crystals are grown under the most stringent process control conditions to ensure that product quality, purity and crystal orientation are at the highest level of specification.

Vital Materials is committed to working with customers to develop new detection materials.


LYSO Crystals

Cerium doped Lutetium Yttrium Oxyorthosilicate (Ce:LYSO) crystals have advantages of high density, fast decay time, and high light output. Learn more.


Cadmium zinc telluride is an inorganic compound of cadmium, zinc and tellurium with the chemical composition Cd0.9Zn0.1Te. Learn more.


Bismuth Germanium Oxide (also known as Bismuth Germanate) is an inorganic chemical compound with the chemical formula Bi4Ge3O12 (BGO). Learn more.