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Vital Materials is world’s leading supplier of gallium metal & chemicals used in bulk or smaller quantities, and used in metal-organic source, light emitting diodes (LED), high frequency electronics, fast switching applications as well as in solar cell applications. Vital Materials has a vertically integrated manufacturing approach whereby Gallium can be extracted from the ore in-house, and following in-house production techniques upgraded up to a 7N purity.

Our advanced material solutions with Gallium include: GaAs substrates or wafers, TMGA gasses for MOCVD / MBE growth, CIGS targets.


Gallium is a silvery metal with a shiny surface and was discovered by the French chemist Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1875. Gallium is recovered as a byproduct during alumina production. Gallium is one of the few metals that melt just above room temperature.


  • Gallium can be used to prepare III-V compound semiconductors, such as gallium nitride, gallium arsenide and gallium antimony.
  • Can be used for CIGS thin film solar materials, LED, etc.
  • Gallium chloride Ultra-high purity gallium can be used in MBE process
  • Gallium and low-melt alloys can be used as heat exchange media for nuclear reaction
  • It can be used as filler for high temperature thermometers and as catalyst for diesterification in organic reactions.
  • GaO as a High Purity Analytical Reagent and Semiconductor Material for the Electronic Industry
  • Gallium trichloride can be used in MOCVD process and is used for spectroscopic analysis and organic reaction catalysts to synthesize important raw materials of organic gallium reagents
  • Trimethylgallium and triethylgallium can be used to make solar cells. The raw materials of MOCVD process are used to prepare GaAs, AsGaAl and other semiconductor compounds. Ga is a source for manufacturing electronic components such as light emitting diodes.
It is also used in some smaller electronic applications like thermoelectric devices. Lithium-selenium batteries is one of the most promising systems for energy storage but is still in an early stage of development.

Sources of recycling material are spent vapour deposition from CVD chambers or scrap from the photo voltaic industry.

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Ga(NO3)3 · xH2O

Gallium(III) sulfate - Ga2(SO4)3

CAS #: 13780-42-2
Application: Analytical reagents
Usage: Used as a reference compound of gallium in esterification catalysts and analytical chemistry.

Gallium(III) nitrate hydrate - Ga(NO3)3 · xH2O

CAS #: 13494-90-1
Application: Pharmaceuticals
Usage: Used for treating tumors and cancers in the medicine field.
Vital Materials is a manufacturer and end-user supplier of gallium and a full range of other minor metal compounds. We can customize the purity, composition and forms for different industrial applications. Please contact us for a price or more information.