Vital Materials Acquires the Bismuth Pharma Activity from Orrion Chemicals

Guangzhou, February 18th 2019 - VITAL MATERIALS (“Vital”) announces today that a final agreement has been reached with French company ORRION CHEMICALS (“Orrion”) regarding the acquisition of the bismuth specialties activity supported by Spanish entity Orrion Chemicals Bischem (“OCB”). The closing of the transaction is expected in the coming weeks.
OCB is located near Barcelona and is dedicated to the manufacturing of bismuth derivatives for pharmaceutical applications. As such the plant is operated under the Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”) required by customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Vital Materials’ intention is to strongly develop OCB as a part of its global strategy of adding maximum value to minor metals. It is expected that the capacity of the plant of OCB will be doubled in the coming months with a view to sharply increase the position of OCB on the worldwide market of bismuth pharma grades.

George Zhu, President of Vital Materials, declares: “The acquisition of OCB exemplifies the global strategy of Vital Materials which looks at expanding into downstream activities with high technical content, also at developing a manufacturing footprint close to Vital Materials’ international key accounts. Vital Materials will bring to OCB a secure and competitive bismuth supply as well as the support of all its technical and commercial teams around the world.

About Vital Materials
Vital Materials is a functional materials oriented technology group headquartered in Guangzhou. Vital Materials is the largest producer of selenium and tellurium materials, as well as a key producer of gallium, indium, germanium, bismuth, and cadmium derivatives. Our four business units are Infrared, Lasers & Detector Materials; Compound Semiconductors; Thin Film Materials; and Functional Materials & Recycling. OCB operations will be under Rare Metals and Recycling business units.

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